Scroll Pan Effect

hehe whoops :see_no_evil:

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could you please provide a sample code to animate a point on the spline ?

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i think i do not fully understand the model of relationship between unity-needle-threeJS and i am unsure of how i set that field

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No problem. Will send a sample

you can pull the sample spline branch again - make sure to also update the submodule :slightly_smiling_face:

youll then have a splinewalker that exposes a position01 on the spline and an animationclip that animates that value

it will give you this then:

or with the spline visible:

haha! excellent!

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Hi Marcel, it is possible to send me also the file for demonstration?

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I believe its still on this branch in the samples repository. It should be added as a regular sample i think :slightly_smiling_face:

I canโ€™t find anything that says โ€œsplines branchโ€.

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This one: GitHub - needle-tools/needle-engine-samples at samples/splines