Screenshot issues

I would like to ask how I can intercept the image from a specified camera on my mobile phone and store it locally?

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Hi, you can just import the screenshot method and call that:

import { screenshot } from "@needle-tools/engine" and call it

For saving the image you can do something like this with the string you get from the screenshot method:

export function saveImage(dataUrl: string | null, filename: string) {
    if (!dataUrl) {
    if (!dataUrl.startsWith("data:image")) {
        console.error("Can not save image: Data url is not an image", dataUrl);
    const saveImageElement = document.createElement("a");
    saveImageElement.href = dataUrl; = filename;;

If you just want to save the current/last frame you can do it like this:

const dataUrl = this.context.renderer.domElement.toDataURL("image/png");
// and then call save Image:
saveImage(dataUrl, "myImage.png");