Screensharing is not working

Hi Team, screensharing is only working within the same Network but if we try to connect devices from different network its not working?

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  • do you have a link to share?
  • Which Engine version are you using?
    We have been using screensharing across different networks of course (and didn’t make changes on our side since then)

We tried with the scample Scene given on needle Website it didn’t Work, across network, moreover if someone joins after someone has started sharing screen/Video its not visible to new joiners

by user 406778568597831690

Hm, a quick test where my phone was on LTE with my PC that was on my usual ISP network.
Between initial clients A, B all features worked.

When client C joined, the camera feed was black, but all screensharing worked. I’ll make an internal task to test it further :+1:

Could you confirm / specify the usecase where it doesn’t work at all?

Sure, I tested with three Systems, Laptop A on Wi-Fi with VPN, Laptop B on LTE Connection, Laptop C on ISP Wi-Fi Directly, When all three users have joined the room and Anyone Starts Sharing he Screen Or Video its works fine,

Now if Someone Joins after Screensharing/Video sharing is enabled new Joiners doesn’t get any information, sometimes it works it’s pretty inconsistent, moreover if the User who is sharing screen/Video leaves by reloading or closing the tab, the buffer stream is doesn’t clear up and others can’t share the screen at all.

by user 406778568597831690

Thanks for those details. So it sounds like networking itself is working fine (when all three have joined it works) but some lifecycle doesn’t in your particular case, strange! Thanks for the additional steps