Sample Scenes error

Hello I am trying to install one of the sample scenes from the start up page to get some idea as to how to make interactivity with AR, especially while also using the IOS AR capabilities of needle engine, any help on how to get them to load in my unity project would be greatly appreciated.

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^ I am new to needle engine and it is showing that the unity packmanager is not responding and have not run into this error before

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Did you get it installed? Your reply here sounds like yes Discord

Where did it say that PackageManager is not responding?

Yeah I got it working

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I was being impatient lo siento :TrippyBlob:

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How did you get it working?

I also seem to be sitting on package manager not responding when trying to install the samples package

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Sounds odd :confused: Anything in the logs?

Also you can just open the samples via this window:

If you don’t have the samples package installed, it should offer you a simple button to install them. (It does the same thing, it adds the samples package to the project)

You can also download the installer package directly:

I ended up doing this… after about an hour and a half the install completed.

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