RectTransform.offsetMin/offsetMax does not work in build

As the CanvasScale is currently not working, I’m trying to scale my UI myself. While anchorMin/Max is working great, offsetMin/Max does not. Is this known?
This is what I’m doing:

if(screen.orientation.angle == 0 || screen.orientation.angle == 180)
  this.rect.offsetMin.copy(new Vector2(this.offsetLandscape.x, this.offsetLandscape.y));
  this.rect.offsetMax.copy(new Vector2(this.offsetLandscape.z, this.offsetLandscape.w));
  this.rect.anchorMin.copy(new Vector2(this.anchorLandscape.x, this.anchorLandscape.y));
  this.rect.anchorMax.copy(new Vector2(this.anchorLandscape.z, this.anchorLandscape.w));

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I replied here: RectTransform.offsetMin/offsetMax values are not usable in build · Issue #169 · needle-tools/needle-engine-support · GitHub