Rapier runtime errors

I’ve been struggling with Rapier errors as of today when loading prefabs with colliders attached.
Here’s the bug report:

Original Post on Discord

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Hi, I’ve just replied there and I believe the latest release should fix this. Would be great if you could update (it got released a second ago)

Thanks, I’ll give it a try🙂

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3.25.4 seems fix to it. Thanks @marcel :cactus:
I just replied the same to the report.

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Great ! Thanks for reporting

Ok so one quick observation, looks like some colliders now gets the wrong world position, looks a bit random which collider gets affected. Pretty sure this is a recent regression.

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Hi, if you could send a repro of this for cases where it happens it would be great

Here you go

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Hi sorry if i wasnt clear but you can simply send bugreports including all necessary files (only what’s used in the current scene + the web project) privately to our servers using this menu item:

For future reference :slightly_smiling_face: that’s much easier

we also log an issue for those internally so it’s already tracked then. But thanks for the scene!

Should be fixed in the next update - I’ll add your scene to our test scenes and verify I didnt break anything else

Yeah I remember having read that now🤦‍♂️ thanks

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Do you have test scenes for colliders with trigger behaviors as well? I’m seeing a lot of trigger events not working as expected in my scenes atm.

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Yes the scene has both - could it be because of colliders not being at the right position?

It could be caused by the change to not create physics rigidbodies implictly anymore if the collider doesnt have one in Unity. I’ll double check

Yeah, I checked where the colliders were positioned, that’s sort of how I saw that some of them has wrong offsets. But even when entering them no trigger event happened.

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How do you receive the events? I have a little test scene here with a collider set to trigger, no rigidbody, this one receives the onTriggerEnter event