Randomly missing materials in production builds

Thanks @marcel :cactus: :sparkles:
Sounds reasonable, we’ll fix the uv’s on the Liam model and see if it helps.
And I’ll have a look at the uvs of the other models which was causing issues. This does not explain the randomness of the issue though (may start appearing in any new build without having touched the model for ages) Might be a seperate thing🤷‍♂️

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That’s true, it doesnt explain it. Normally things don’t happen at random either so we will have to try to figure out what the reasons are, there’s usually an explanation :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if fixing the uvs makes this case work for you again or if it happens again/still

If you got a example of the skybox issue (3rd point above) where it happens and that you can share it would also be interesting to look at. As felix said if you can send us your license details we can sign a NDA to look into issues like that too

Hello @Snorulf i hope you had/have happy holidays. Do you have some information for me on how the assets where created (using which tool?) that resulted in the UVs being the way they are (if it’s a common enough problem there might be interest to find an automatic solution)

Thanks and Happy holidays!

The stray UVs were likely a misshap on my side when welding vertices in c4d, have not had time to confirm yet but I will when I’m back in office next week.

The 3rd point is about billboards in the scene, meshrenderers with cutout materials. So it’s not a skybox issue. I’ll get back to you about that if I manage to isolate the issue. And I’ll bring up the NDA countersign option with the team.

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