Protect camera from invading

I’m currently dealing with the third-person controller indoors. How can I protect my camera from invading walls? Such as the Cinemachine Colider Script.

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You could make raycasts and get a safe position.

Check the distance between the ORIGIN and the CAMERA POS and the distance between the ORIGIN and the SAFE_POS.

If the SafeDistance is smaller then the CamDistance, that means the camera is “in the wall” and we want to correct it, if opposite we do not want to edit the camera at all.

Setting the camera’s position

Variant A: set the position of the object directly and hopefully OrbControls will just pick up where you left them off. It is updated with onBeforeRender, so your corrections will be in update.
Variant B: you’ll have to blindly call the DollyIn and DollyOut functions. So suppling the expected distance on where you want to be.

The OrbitControls are bit hectic as of right now, since there are A LOT of requirements for a camera system and it is unrealistic for one system to fit them all. In the future there will be most probably separate camera scripts with simple and polished usecases. But the goal here is not to support every usecase.

If anything wasn’t clear don’t be afraid to ask :ok_hand:

Ok, THX.

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@matmat you can also use camera-controls for the camera, which contains a collision avoidance sample:

Good idea, I’ll try it. Thanks.

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Perhaps this code snippet is useful for getting started integrating the package: needle-engine-samples/package/Runtime/CameraControls/camera-controls~/CameraControlsSample.ts at 8d61269af8f17638c3136cdf2b342a4bafb8795e · needle-tools/needle-engine-samples · GitHub