OrbitControls speed on manual rotate

Love the OrbitControls. Is it possible to change the orbit speed on manual rotation? It’s a bit too fast atm.

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is this what youre looking for? (damping factor)

Hello Snorulf, yes you can certainly change the orbit speed for manual rotation by modifying the autoRotateSpeed property of the OrbitControls. This property adjusts the rotation speed when autoRotate is enabled. Additionally, if you’re looking to adjust the damping effect which can influence the “feel” of the rotation, you can modify the dampingFactor property. The enableDamping property must be set to true for the dampingFactor to have any effect (see the documentation).

Here is an example of how to adjust both properties:

// Assume 'myOrbitControls' is your instance of OrbitControls
myOrbitControls.autoRotateSpeed = 0.5; // Lower value for slower rotation speed
myOrbitControls.enableDamping = true;
myOrbitControls.dampingFactor = 0.1; // Adjust for a less "tight" feel when manually rotating

Adjust the values to your preference for a slower rotation speed.

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Thanks for your feedback!

No, I’d like the rotational orbit movement to be relative to the distance travelled by the mouse cursor. Now I get two full rotations when going horizontally from one window edge to the other.

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You should be able to set rotateSpeed/panSpeed of the underlying three.js OrbitControls object

Thanks I figured that out literally one minute ago :smile:
Works perfect, thank you guys!

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:slightly_smiling_face: great to hear!