Option to build .gltf instead of .glb

Hello again, another day, another question. Is there maybe already currently a way to skip packing the gltf-stuff into .glb?

I’m aware I can just unpack the .glb manually which I currently do quite often.

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Hi, what is your reason for wanting that or unpacking the glb?

Verifying my speculations about what and how my classes got serialized :slightly_smiling_face:

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So it’s purely for debugging.

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you can add ?printGltf to the URL to log the loaded glTF json/data

That’s nice! Cannot search through the log entry though to look for instances of my class, so clicking through the json’s hierarchy in the console is way too cumbersome.

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I can live with manually unpacking for now, so no worries.

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I also sent you a link to an internal tool where you can search

Feedback about that internal tool is also very much appreciated, feel free to open a group message if you have some :slightly_smiling_face: