Non-technical: Needle Logo/Branding resources?

My university lab often mentions tools used to develop our projects on project pages, posters, presentations, etc. Is there a place we could download the Needle logo in SVG/AI/EPS format? Is there a two-colour version of the stretched-cube cactus logo? Is this even something you want anyone to do?

(We promise to not mess with it or make it look like Needle is endorsing anything. The lab shares some staff with the visual identity and video production wing of the university, so we’re well-versed in how to avoid logo misuse! )


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Hello @catherineomega sorry for the late response and thank you for asking

Thanks for this, as always, @marcel :cactus:
If–IF–we make a 2-colour version, I’ll be sure we send it to you with plenty of time to be approved or disapproved by you folks and we’ll have a backup plan just in case none of them are okay. And to make it explicitly clear that we agree we do not own it, haha.

by user 361212563452723200

Thabks @catherineomega that sounds perfect