HTML UI Library integrations?

Hey All, I have a few different projects I’m working on that could benefit from your Unity → Web pipeline, and one is making heavy use of Unity’s new UIToolkit (which is very cool and needed in Unity.) Now having used it to prototype with, I realize it is trying to recreate a lot of what web has natively but in c# form, and would be a huge lift for your team, so I’m wondering if you have recommendations about how to integrate needle with an existing html ui framework?

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Hello Ryan, are you asking if its possible to export layouting from ui toolkit to the web / a web frontend framework?

In general needle is not opinionated about the frontend (or backend) you’re using. For example our website we built using vue.js but it could have been e.g. react too.

Regarding HTML UI Frameworks:
There’s several templates to choose from when generating web projects from your scene - default is vite, but there’s also react and react-three-fiber, and you / your webdev team mates can fully adjust that to the wanted project pipeline. As Marcel mentioned we went with Vue for our website.

Regarding mapping UI Toolkit to web frameworks / components
We’re planning to look into creating a mapping from UIToolkit to HTML, but haven’t done any work on it yet – so, no ETA for now.
Ideally we want to find a flexible approach that allows for UIs not only in HTML but also across VR and AR – I’m still sad that UIToolkit went back to the “2D stone age” in that regard…

@Ryan Green | Mona just saw this tweet and thought maybe it fits?

Thanks for thinking of me! Stuff I’m working on is all prototype NDA unfortunately

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Totally, very frustrating that the only way to do it seems to be render texture. very odd

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