Missing script on camera in Built-In RP

Hi :smiley: When I create a Minimal Needle scene (Unity 2021.3.9, Exporter 2.28.0-pre, Runtime 2.24.0-pre) the Universal Additional Camera Data script is missing on my camera object. I guess this script is only needed in URP, but just wanted to mention it (may lead to confusion :wink:) and ask if there is an equivalent needed in Built-In RP?! br, Max

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Is it? I just created a new minimal project and it has the camera data script (actually the scene template has it too)

It is not needed in BiRP

Unfortunately yes, it’s missing Oo

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Oh thats what you mean right - I guess the script shouldnt be in the template

thanks for pointing it out

Btw we also have a package to help with missing scripts (showing what is missing) πŸ“¦ Needle Missing Component Info - com.needle.missing-component-info | OpenUPM :slightly_smiling_face:

@marcel :cactus: we could ship a shim (have done that in other packages) that takes it’s place when URP is not present. Or (maybe cleaner) we remove the script at unpack time if it’s BiRP

I’m trying to load the sample scene for the presence platform. Is this related?

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I would assume yes (looks like you dont have URP installed so this is most likely just the AdditionalCameraData component that is missing there too - the project should still work the same in Needle Engine)

ok i opened another URP projects and it’s working the same - which is - it is not working . i’ll start another thread for it.

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You mean the scene is not working in the browser or the script is still missing?

not working in the browser/headset. see Discord

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