Jumpiness in animation when using timeline and animator controllers

Hi @nostalgicbear please apply the changes mentioned above

@marcel :cactus: This doesnt actually get rid of the jitter. It significantly reduces the jitter but doesnt get rid of it. As soon as the race starts and horses start moving it still jitters in an extremely noticeable way.

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Here you can see how the jitter is reduced but as soon as the timeline starts playing the animations jitter again.

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Would you mind giving the floor a checkerboard texture or so? It’s rather hard to see here if actually now the horses are jumpy or the camera motion is

@herbst🌵 Sure. Here is an updated video that shows it more clearly. The floor isnt checkerboard but you can certainly see the issue more clearly. For context, when I dont use the timeline, and instead use another animator to control the path the horses take, the issue is non existent, however when I use the timeline, you can see in the video what happens. Just in case the video is not recorded at a high enough FPS, I can guarantee that in browser it does not look to be a camera issue. The horses thave their own animation that control their idle + run animations, and the path they take is meant to be controlled by the timeline, but the animations jump. Again, when replacing the timeline with a animator controller for playing the path animation, its fine, but there is a lot of timeline functionality I would like to avail of.

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Thanks for the additional video, that makes it more clear!
Does the issue also happen when there are no rigidbodies on the horses?

Ive not actually tried it without the rigidbodies (In the current version they have been moved to a child object but are still present). I will try it without rigidbodies just to feed back here.

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Giving an update on this

This issue does indeed seem to be caused by a rigidbody, even if it is kinematic. If you have a parent object that is controlled by a timeline (In my case, the horses paths), and child objects have an animator (controls the horses walk, run etc) and a rigidbody at the same level on the same object, this causes issue, even when the rb is kinematic.

In the image, highlighted in green is the hierarchy that works, and in red is the one that does not work. The structure in red causes the jitter as seen in the video above on this thread. Moving the rigidbody to an object separete to the animator seems to work. As this works without issue in my standard Unity version, I have raised a bug report and linked this thread.

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Thank you - we receiced it. I think that’s what we found here right? Discord

Correct yes. You were spot on in what you said.

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Ok - sorry we havent gotten to address this yet.