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Hi there, I have a simple question. Is it possible to set up a workflow for writing custom scripts using JetBrains Rider? The “Open Workspace” feature of the Export Info object does not suit my needs for this reason. Because the src/scripts directory lives outside of the Unity project hierarchy, I’m having difficulty even getting to the basics of writing new functionality in TypeScript coming from a standard Rider-integrated Unity scripting workflow on macOS. The documentation says “just create a new .ts file” but that’s only part of the process.

I would appreciate any tips someone could give me as an absolute beginner to Needle. Thanks!

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Hi, im user Rider on a daily basis for Unity / C# dev mainly and vscode for the webdev part.

vscode makes it easy to save a workspace file in a directory and open the default application using that.

With Rider you could perhaps open the folder e.g. as an external directory to another/existing solution for getting started.
That being said perhaps we could add an option to open the folder with the default Unity code editor (whatever you have setup in Unity) but I would have to try that, so far you are the first one to ask about this.

Hi, I’m adding an option to open with the default Unity editor in the next version (by default Open with VSCode will be ticked but you’ll be able to untick it to attempt to open with rider or visual studio)

Awesome! Thanks Marcel.

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@marcel :cactus: I think something broke in the latest update… I get stuck on “Waiting for local server to start” when I try to play my project. The version I was on previously is working correctly still (3.2.9-exp)

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browser tab never opens, says port 3000 is already in use

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Does that go away when you restart the machine? It sounds like there may have been two conflicting servers running on the same port - if you can reproduce that would be great to know!

Hi, you also usually get the ip or localhost address logged in the console along with the message so you can just open that address in the browser. Have you tried doing that?
If it doesnt help try what Felix suggested and if the issue still persists please let us know