Issues with Next.js template and large GLB

Could you try if the errors are all gone if you remove the rest of the colliders in your scene?

Still there when I remove colliders! :thinking:

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this one?

I’ll make a patch release tomorrow morning - we can test again then. I dont get any errors here anymore (altough colliders/physics don’t work right now in next builds so this is sill to be fixed)

This is the error I’m getting. But all it does is make a pop-up over my scene—the interaction etc all stll works

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Are you sure your scene is free of colliders? If yes then could you also try to disable autoFit on the OrbitControls component?

And i dont think i had errors in start - any idea which component that is?

Btw im not sure how experienced/comfortable you are in these things but you can test builds locally via terminal using npm run build and after that npm start and then open the localhost url it prints (maybe you know/do this already :slightly_smiling_face: )

Yes! I’ve been doing that, fear not. I can check on the Orbit Controls a bit later!

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OK, I figured it out, sort of! The error is coming from the start() function of WebARSession root (xr.Rig.updateMatrix() is the offending line). I tried moving my AR Session root and WebXR components to the same GO, and adding an XRRig component, but still have the same error. But something about the ensureRig() function in WebXR doesn’t seem to be working in this context—as best as I can tell, anyways.

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Thanks for the info - are you currently using the samples package in your project? If not could yu try to update to the latest engine version (the experimental/alpha version) and try with that? We refactored the whole XR system including WebARSessionRoot