IOS click events not triggering

So I decided to stresstest it, I made a sequence of buttons. so you can press one to activate something + another button:

This works in chrome easily and good. But in UDSZ things get glitchy. As If it activates some targets but not all and some incorrectly.
Would it be possible to make a list of targts to activate in a single method,

Set active on click:

  • list of target objects

This will make sequencing more easy, and perhaps solve the glitch of parralel methods activating multiple objects.

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I actually want to make a “Sequence” or “Variant” component of sorts that makes this easier, yes

Do you have a link online so I can try out what you have there?

one sec I’ll make it

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Okay it will take some more time, for some reason I cannot check local host on mobile

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Here is it:

this one has every sequenced button on Toggle.

You will note different behaviour in USDZ or Chrome…

Also things get weird when you disable the rotor magnets without disabeling the magnetic field first. I need to think something for that

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This is a cool scene! Would you mind sending a bug report with it so I can investigate what exactly is going wrong on the USDZ side?

Thanks!, yeap will do

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