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Hello all. I am working on creating AR experiences using image tracking and am a little confused on the orientation of the 3d objects I am rendering as it seems as though whenever I open quicklooks it starts from behind the object. I am curious about how to orient the AR experience to the same as the 3d scene view. Any tips on where the origin of AR experiences begin would be greatly appreciated.
Additionally if anyone has any advice on how to make the tracked object be parallel to the tracked image or how to change the orientation in relation to the tracked image would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, the default scene view in Unity is flipped (camera looks at the back of a character you’d place in a scene), so typically if you want to ensure forward is forward you’d change the camera in Unity to look from the other direction.
Effectively, rotate your scene including the camera by 180°.

There’s also a WebARSessionRoot component that you can use to define orientation and position of your content (parent your content to it).

I’m not sure I understand “how to make the tracked object parallel to the tracked image”, mind clarifying?

Thanks I’m slowly figuring how to place everything. This was a big help.

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By parallel I mean the objects in relation to the image are always behind the user or way above the image and I’m not sure what is causing this. I am under the impression that the relationship between the tracked image and the object is as defined in the scene editor but when I test it seems unrelated.

by user 580207235171614720

Yes, typically you add your object that you want to be tracked with the image as a child of the image marker in the scene

Let me know if you have more questions and/or we can clarify something in the docs - thanks!