How to "Stabilize" an image tracked object?


I am currently playing around with Needle Tools in combination with Unity and Image tracking. I want to track a Minigolf course on a marker and use the built in physics from unity to apply gravity etc. to a ball.

My problem is that the tracked image is always slightly tilted which results that the ball is moving into a corner. Is there a way to stabilize the image in order that the tracked object is always even?

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Hey, not an expert but have been experimenting with Image tracking for a month now. Since you touched the circle, technically the model hasn’t been tracked to the image but to the white circle marker you clicked on. So that might be why it’s tilted here, ideally for a good track, you shouldn’t have to click on the screen when launching and the model should snap in a few seconds of seeing the image.

Try to focus on the image a bit longer, or play around with the settings in unity. I usually like to place the image tracking components on an empty object for best results. The devs can definitely help you better here but I hope this helps too

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Hey Strifinity, ah thats what the white circle means thanks. Usually it also tracks the image without clicking on the circle, not sure why it didn’t in the video but normally it does. But based on the view angle it is still tilted. I am currently trying to set rotation via a script and see if that works

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Ohh I see that sounds cool, if the scripts work, please do share :+1:

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Hi, you could probably add a little component to the model that is being tracked and correct the upwards direction in threejs (basically zeroing x and z rotations and only keeping y)

I now correct the x and z rotation and it seems to work better. But it seems like turning the marker does not do anything now. I will try out more things tomorrow. But thanks for the help!


by user 148839728177741824