How to set High precision frame buffer with HalfFloatType by default in Needle?

This is related to issues I had recently when working with HDR and linear colour spaces where I found out it was because we weren’t using High precision frame buffers in our Needle projects by default. This is something I can add via the below code I think (untested) but is this an option somewhere in Needle by default like how it defaults to Linear colour space for the renderTargets etc already?

  const composer = new EffectComposer(renderer, {
        frameBufferType: HalfFloatType

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For reference

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Surprised we don’t do that for the composer already! Half should be default for that, yes
When you add your own composer in a component of course you’re responsible for handling that yourself.

Can half be set to be the default? I am using the default currently :+1: Will triple check I am not setting it to anything else elsewhere.

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We dont add a composer by default :slightly_smiling_face:

So i think youre running with your own composer currently? In which case the settings are all yours. If you use the volume component i dont think it sets the framebuffertype explicitly

Ah totally my bad then, shame the composer default is not Half which seems daft

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