How to make the build size small on Unity3D?

Hello everyone Please help me, I assembled the assembly as in the tutorial on YouTube, but the weight of the build came out on an empty stage 300+ mb, for a WebGL game this is a lot, are there any options to shrink to 5-6 mb as with the default unity build?

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Can you show your project and scene and BuildWindow settings? How did you build your project?

There’s no assembly being built with Needle Engine and we don’t compile a Unity project (C# to run in the web) - so I just want to make sure we’re on the same page :slightly_smiling_face:

That is, this solution cannot be used as a quick download of projects on an html page on the site?)

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Hi, you’re making a webgl build there it seems which is the Unity platform. The 300mb build is then produced by Unity. Nothing we can do about it here since you’re not using Needle Engine.

To do that please select the Needle Engine platform

Take a look at the docs too please: Deployment & Compression | Needle Engine Documentation

Thank you very much! Sorry for my inattention, I made a build through the Build settings > Needle Engine window, but when running the file index.html I just have a black screen, is it again my inattention in something?)

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Can you check the unity and browser console for errors?

Hurray!!! I uploaded the build to my website and it opened!!! With an instant download and a build weight of only 2 MB!!! IT’S A MIRACLE!!! thank you very much!!! And can I find out what is the danger of using this solution compared to a regular unity build? Maybe there are any restrictions on some functions of the engine?)

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I would recommend you read through the documentation :slightly_smiling_face:
We don’t support all features that Unity has. For example we don’t compile your C# code to run on the website automagically. We provide implementations for a lot of features that Unity has tho (see Feature Overview | Needle Engine Documentation for example)

Happy it works now.

You can also look through the samples at Needle Engine Samples for a quick overview, those can be downloaded as well and you can use them as examples or for your own projects

Damn, and it started from the phone only 1 time and that’s it, now it just shows such a screen, but the download speed was just super!

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by user 480424066369585164

Thank you very much! I’m sorry that I’m writing this without getting acquainted right away, it’s just that everything is needed very urgently :smile:

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If you want to test locally click play in the Editor in your Web project

You can watch a video here: Getting Started & Installation | Needle Engine Documentation

Do I understand correctly that in order to remove the Needle Engine logo preview from the build launch, you need to buy a license?)

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Yes. The same is true for Unity :slightly_smiling_face: