How to disable the debug overlay

Hello !
Just a little question. I’m constantly using the browser’s console, thus I don’t need to have the debug overlay on top of the page duplicating the error message.
Is there a way to disable this debug overlay ? :eyes:

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Yes, you can either add the query param nooverlaymessages to your url OR call setAllowOverlayMessages(false)

I’d like to disable it for everyone, so I’d better call the function. However I have an error saying the function is not defined. What should I call it from ?

by user 615280976855171083

It’s a global function import{ setAllowOverlayMessages } from "@needle-tools/engine"

Did you try that?

Oh okay ! I had to import this way import * as engine from '@needle-tools/engine'; ...; engine.setAllowOverlayMessages(false) as I wanted to do it in the main. But it works, thanks ! :sparkles:

by user 615280976855171083