How to build NextJS project

Hey, was just trying to deploy my Needle project, but the world is just empty.
Steps: Unity build settings β†’ enable gzip β†’ press build -. run npm run start wihin the project once it says it is done

( sidenote: had to disable typescript checks bc of ChangeColor.ts sample script, jsyk )

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Hey :wave: do you have more context?

There is a NextJS sample which you can use as a starting ground.

What errors do you get in the console?
Also would like to know more about the typescript checks - are you using one of our templates or are you using custom settings?

using that one already :slight_smile:

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In unity there are not errors, it just builds. It says tho it built into a folder that simply doesn’t exist ( dist forlder in nextjs project, while .next is where the output is )
No extra typescript checks, this is the error if I build from NextJS project with npm build myself

by user 465420608906461195