How Set and Get animator controller (Blender 3D)

In TS or Blender Nodes.

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example how set and get animator controller param

by user 736699881032384574

You can create a animatorcontroller like a new nodegraph.

Or do you mean how to set a parameter from typescript?

i want to change the value of the variable when i press the button object. i created a button component in blender and i wanted to use a ts event to change the value.

by user 736699881032384574

Hi @Ramon Xavier what value do you want to change? Do you mean the animatorcontroller that is being used and assign a different animatorcontroller when you press the button or do you want to change a parameter in the animatorcontroller (e.g. set a bool parameter like running to true)?

yes. i want change a parameter in animatorcontroller when press a button. (set true or false for bools, set a number for ints)

by user 736699881032384574

What you can do is adding a custom component with a function (e.g. name the function “setSpeed”) that sets the parameter on the animator (by calling animator.setBool for example). You can then assign your button onclick event to call setSpeed in blender when you add your component to an object in the scene

can u write a full code example? :PandaEr:

by user 736699881032384574

I can write you a small example tonight. In the meantime you can checkout the examples here: Script Examples | Needle Engine Documentation on how to write scripts. Just create a field with an Animator reference and a method to call from your button that sets the bool on the animator (like: myFunction() { this.animator?.setBool("myBool", true) }

I did it, thank you. But I still have a problem. The animation doesn’t change, even if I change the transition condition.

by user 736699881032384574

I’ll try again later

by user 736699881032384574

Here’s a small example:

export class AnimatorExample extends Behaviour {

    animator?: Animator;

    triggerName: string = "MyTrigger";

    setMyTrigger() {

that’s what I did

by user 736699881032384574

I’ll try it your way

by user 736699881032384574

I had the same problem. The variable changes, but for some reason the animation doesn’t.

by user 736699881032384574