Hotspots Merging to Same Location

I have hotspots integrated into the scene, and they used to work fine, but now they are all merging to the same point, layering on top of eachother on export. In the editor, they’re all in different positions, but in the exported scene, they’ve all merged onto the position of the first hotspot. Has anyone experienced this before?

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Hm, no, haven’t seen that
Does that happen with the hotspots sample on a fresh project too?

Lets see.

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Unfortunately, yes:

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Grr ok
Thanks for checking

@kipash :cactus: could you take a look please?

Hi @sensorsovercensors which Needle Engine version are you currently using? Can you screenshot the ExportInfo component? Thank you


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Confirming that it is broken on our end as well. Funny is that i’ve just tested this scene couple ~days back. Will look into that :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting :cactus:

Until this is resolved you can downgrade to 3.14.0-pre where it is working

new version 3.16.3 fixes the issue :slight_smile: