Having trouble exporting animation and loading in three

Hi, I’ve been trying to export some animations from unity scene. While it works in auto generated project when I try to grab exported scene and load it using three gltf loader I get bunch of errors

    at GLTFParser.loadNode (GLTFLoader.js:3880:28)
    at GLTFParser.getDependency (GLTFLoader.js:2541:24)
    at GLTFParser.loadAnimation (GLTFLoader.js:3686:28)

Also doesnt work in https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com

Any special tricks I need to be aware of?

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You need to use our threejs fork where we added KHR_animation_pointer support

Some more context: we’re using (and pushing for wider adoption) of a glTF extension that adds proper animation support (animating colors, properties, lights, cameras, …) that goes beyond the glTF core. The extension is called KHR_animation_pointer and our three.js fork has support for it (and we made a Pull Request for inclusion in three’s core).

You can use our fork by using this in your package.json:
"three": "npm:@needle-tools/three@^0.146.6"

Woah, star-trek. Thanks I missed that completely

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There’s relatively wide adoption of the extension by now (see https://twitter.com/hybridherbst/status/1649161333143658500), but for the time being if you want to use files exported from our Unity integration ideally you use our fork

It works like a charm, you guys are next level

by user 135497451858690049