HasSymlinkSupport errors on Windows 11

Using Unity 2022.2.12 with Exporter 2.67.14-pre on Windows, I am getting this spammed in the console when I select the Export Info component, the component doesn’t load due to these errors, rolled back to the last version of Exporter that I was using before and this error went away.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Needle.Engine.Utils.DriveHelper.HasSymlinkSupport (System.String path) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine-exporter@2.67.14-pre/Core/Editor/Utils/DriveHelper.cs:13)
Needle.Engine.Editors.ExportInfoEditor.OnInspectorGUI () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine-exporter@2.67.14-pre/Core/Editor/Editors/ExportInfoEditor.cs:237)

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That would mean a DriveInfo wouldnt have a format string? Or GetDrives returns a null drive? drive.DriveFormat.StartsWith

Will add some more checks but didnt know what was possible - can you share some info about your system?

you can gather some info here: Questions and Answers (FAQ) 💡 | Needle Engine Documentation

I’ll do a proper github issue for this if needed so I can post bigger logs and info?

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Rider says DriveFormat can’t be null so it must be the drive being null (unless it’s false information)

Would just be curious what you get here, you can just post it here

That link gives me this

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Is the page published?

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Searched for ‘installing’ on the page using ctrl+f and nothing comes up

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Try refresh with a cleared cache (CTRL+Shift+R for me)

its at the bottom of the page

chrome likes to cache :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, hefty cache

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not sure if the docs can set a version id or something to enforce refresh - but a different topic maye :smile:

Drive C:
Description Local Fixed Disk
Compressed No
File System NTFS
Size 952.38 GB (1,022,611,156,992 bytes)
Free Space 133.27 GB (143,093,997,568 bytes)
Volume Name Windows
Volume Serial Number CAAD086E

Drive Y:
Description Network Connection
Provider Name \Y\Public__NEW FILING SYSTEM

Drive Z:
Description Network Connection
Provider Name \\SpiderJar

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I am working from C drive as that is the only local drive in my HP Z Book Win 11 laptop

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@ROBYER1 can you try the latest version? I hope the DriveInfo issue is fixed

Yep that fixed it, thanks

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