Greenscreen Video

Is it possible to combine green screen video with AR? And if so, would that also work with stereoscopic video material in VR/AR?

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Hey @matmat , you can look at the Video sample scene (Needle Engine Samples) - this also contains a transparent WebP (won’t work on all platforms) and an example for a side-by-side video where one side has color and the other side has mask information.

For stereo video, I haven’t looked whether there’s something out of the box but usually you can just have the left side visible on the left eye and right side visible on the right eye.

Typically when you have more complex video scenes you’ll want to “UV map” multiple video sprites into one playing video

Thank you, I am happy to read that.

by user 684154017479524352

I’ll take a note that a stereo video sample makes sense to add