First Person Multiplayer and Netlify

Hi, I was able to open a blank Netlfiy template and export it to Netlify and use it successfully, when I open the First Person Multiplayer template and add the Netlify component, I’m getting this error. Any ideas?

Failed to create a new site: Unprocessable Entity
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
Needle.Engine.Deployment.DeployToNetlifyEditor/d__16:MoveNext () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine-exporter@3.27.3-pre/Deploy/Editor/DeployToNetlifyEditor.cs:276)
UnityEngine.UnitySynchronizationContext:ExecuteTasks ()

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It seems that the error you encountered may be due to an issue with the Netlify deployment setup from Unity. Follow the instructions provided in the documentation for deploying to Netlify using the DeployToNetlify component. The documentation should include a step-by-step guide on how to properly use this component, which may help you resolve the error you’re facing (see the documentation).

You have already successfully deployed a template to Netlify; ensure that you are following the same process with the First Person Multiplayer template. If the issue persists, double-check your Netlify account, API keys, and any other settings that might be causing this “Unprocessable Entity” error, which usually indicates that Netlify’s server understands the content type of the request entity, but was unable to process the contained instructions. If necessary, consult the Netlify documentation or support for more specific guidance on this error.

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I’m making some progress, I was able to copy and paste everything in the scene from First Person template then paste it into the Netlfiy scene, and was still able to deploy. Now I can see the entire map from a 3rd person view.

I am trying to read through some of the documentation on the scripts and found the networking component, I believe I’m supposed to type in the URL of my .app from Netlify but that is not working yet.

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I found this document (GitHub - needle-engine/networking-local: Run the Needle Engine Networking server locally or host your own), forked the github repo, and then followed the steps, when I deploy the service in Google Cloud, I get this error:

Trigger execution failed: source code could not be built or deployed, no logs are found.

EDIT Alright, I was able to get through that one by adding Identity and Access Management (IAM) API to my project in Google Cloud. I am still getting this 3rd person view of the map, strange!!!

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Hi, this sounds like you are missing some scripts. Make sure to also install the npmdef with the first person controller scripts into your project (See the ExportInfo component in the sample - it has a “Dependencies” array. You can just assing the same dependencies in your netify scene)

wow thank you, this is amazing technology. I think I ended up redeploying the multiplayer project and then dropping the netlfiy component in there, and it worked.

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