Everywhere Actions - Material change not updating all mesh materials

When using a material across multiple meshes or submeshes in Apple Quicklook with material change, not all mesh materials update

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by user 103054507105067008

Can you tell me if the first click does change the material on all objects but subsequent changes are not applied? That was the behaviour i saw

That is the same behaviour I am seeing, it is like a reference to the material is lost once it is altered

by user 103054507105067008

Ok good to know it’s the same!

Do you have a workaround for it for the shortterm? I’ll try to debug this later

No workaround but I’m just scoping it to use on some upcoming project vs a standard unity app

by user 103054507105067008

I’ll continue testing the samples though just in case there is anything else I stumble on, very impressed with the Everywhere Actions overall :smile:

by user 103054507105067008