Error upon "npm install @mui/material" in react-sample-main

The react sample seems to break when I install mui/material. Installing mui is fine, but after the installing material I get this error on App.tsx:

  Type 'ReactElement<any, any>' is not assignable to type 'ReactPortal & HTMLElement[] & HTMLCollection'.
    Property 'children' is missing in type 'ReactElement<any, any>' but required in type 'ReactPortal'.ts(2322)
index.d.ts(205, 9): 'children' is declared here.
NeedleEngine.tsx(5, 39): The expected type comes from property 'children' which is declared here on type 'IntrinsicAttributes & { children?: ReactNode; } & MainAttributes & Partial<Omit<HTMLElement, "style">> & LoadingAttributes & SkyboxAttributes'```

and this error on NeedleEngine.tsx:
```Property 'needle-engine' does not exist on type 'JSX.IntrinsicElements'.ts(2339)```
Any idea why how to solve this?

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I ended up using a different front end frame work, chakra, which doesn’t have any problems after installation

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Maybe something like line 20 is missing: needle engine in code-component · GitHub

Are we talking abt the react repository in the needle-engine org?

Which framework are you using now? Good that you got a workaround and we will check this next week. Thank you

Yes, the react repository from needle-engine. The framework I went with is called Chakra UI. It works without a hitch.

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Ok thanks for the info. We will try to repro that

Hello @dubbies I just pushed an update to the react sample fixing the build error: GitHub - needle-engine/react-sample
I also tested it with your library (there’s a branch on github) to make sure it works there too.


awesome, thanks!

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Sure no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for reporting