Error ENOENT no such file or directory

While my project works perfectly fine on one computer (Windows PC), I get this error (in Unity console) on another (MacBook) when trying to play locally.
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open [project path]/node_modules/three/addons/objects/[files I'm referencing].js
Those are files I’m referencing from some of my custom components. Such as addons/geometries/DecalGeometry.js.
What’s odd is that I can’t even find those files on the computer that it works on.
Any idea?

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That’s strange. Can you try if this persists after clicking “Clean Install”? (hold ALT and press Install on the ExportInfo)

Hey @herbst🌵 Happy New Year!
So, to answer your question, yes it does happen even when I do a clean Install.
Not how relevant this is, but this is happening on a Mac, while it works on a Windows computer.

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More info:
I found that while three/addons works on my Windows PC, on the Mac I need to change this to three/examples/jsm```` Windows: import { DecalGeometry } from ‘three/addons/geometries/DecalGeometry.js’;Mac:import { DecalGeometry } from ‘three/examples/jsm/geometries/DecalGeometry.js’;```

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Happy new year to you too, thanks for following up!
So I think “three/addons” is an alias for "examples/jsm used in some cases, “three/examples/jsm” is the actual path.
But you can always remap those with import maps - it definitely shouldn’t be necessary to do that differently for different OS’s, would love to learn more about that on your end.

So indeed, three/examples/jsm works on Windows too. I’ll just keep in mind not to use the alias then.

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I think if you have importmaps in your index.html (or path remaps in the vite.config.js) then either does work, there’s no automagic aliasing of these names I believe

But good to know the regular way works for you now!