Embed build my self

Is there a way to make my build in its own stand-alone folder that I can embed in my GitHub pages project? I want to integrate Needle with my already-built website but didn’t see anything in the docs.

Hi of course you can. You can embed the needle-engine web component anywhere on your site. How did you build your website? Which bundler or Framework are you using? Happy to help if you provide more details

You can also integrate it using an iframe if thats easier for your setup

I built my website with standard html, css, and javascript. My Needle project is built in unity. I know I can export via the GitHub pages component, but I need to have it be embeddable on multiple pages.

using I frame might work, but in theory, I would want my exported needle project to be in its own folder that I can move around as needed, this way I can access certain text files that I use to source my web pages. My needle project is going to provide a cool interactive way to access various web pages around my website.

Found the solution, use ftp or build like you ould any other unity project. I feel kinda dumb lol.

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Great, good to hear you got it working