Does 3DGS in NeedleTools use .splat from Qyadjr or from mkkellogg (or from antimatter15)?

Hi, look likes it exist many implementation of the .splat format, some with more optimizations than others ? (or i didn’t understood all)

I’m looking for ways to compress the dataset of 3D gaussian splatting in needls tools, is the .splat more lightwheight/better at loading than .ply ?

How many SH needle-tools uses, if it’s only two order, is it worth trying to remove thirds spherical harmonics order using python plyfile?

What are the best ways to compress splats without loosing too much quality, reducing training iterations ? I’ve seen in an issue you were interested to integrate aras-p optimizations Larger file size of .splat files · Issue #1 · mkkellogg/GaussianSplats3D · GitHub

How much the dataset of the train Is the wester-pasific train optimized? It load fast on my workstation but when using Firefox bandwidth limitation, it seem really slow, like 63707ms on Regular 4G/LTE for the 32mb .splat of the train from

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Hey there, glad you found the way here from Twitter :slightly_smiling_face:
We’re looking at some ways to compress the files better for the web – neither .splat nor .ply are standardised or meant for data transimission, they’re both comparatively giant

The .splat format for the three viewers you listed is all the same and is the one proposed by the original paper authors

Hi, glad to join the community ! (had to buy nitro just to increase my server limit :Stray_SadGato: )
Cool to know you are working one a way to optimize 3dgs wheight, is there public roadmap to follow advances ?

I through the .splat were different from antimatter15 to others as it’s stated “only compatible with this viewer” on the mekkellog (but I might have missunderstood “only compatible” in this context only says it doesn’t support ply, but it’s the same)

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Ah, I see
That sounds like they introduced their own version of a compressed .splat format - really hope there will be something more standard-y soon enough so there’s not a million little format differences out there

Will you wait someone does a “universal compressed .splat format”
or will you still try to add optimizations to current needle-tools implementation
(or will you be crazy enough to create / maintain this universal format everyone in the industry will use :crazy_face: )

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It seem that mkkellogg have started doing some optimization implementations : Convert .ply to .splat · Issue #28 · mkkellogg/GaussianSplats3D · GitHub

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Well, it’s in discussion here: `.splat` universal format discussion · Issue #47 · mkkellogg/GaussianSplats3D · GitHub

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Yup, Aras pinged me already on there :slightly_smiling_face: will respond later