Demo scrollytelling change animations possible?

I’m learning Needle. My question is: changing the animation in scrollytelling is not possible, right? Is this a locked Needle demo content, or what should be considered here?

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Hello Mat. it’s totally possible and we encourage you to do exactly that!
The sample repository contains all files/animations and you’re free to change them and adjust it to fit your needs.

You can only not change the animation if it’s inside a immutable Unity package (that means if you installed the samples from a registry e.g. by clicking the Install button from the Samples window) - in that case you can just copy the animation clip or timeline to your Assets folder and modify it there (don’t forget to assign it to the Timeline again)

Let me know if that helps you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Marcel for the clarification.

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Unity has documentation about their package management here if you want to understand that better: Unity - Manual: Concepts

But in general you are free to modify everything inside samples. They’re meant as learning resources and also little starter kits

It works. I started my project with this repository GitHub - needle-tools/needle-engine-samples: Live: 🌵 Needle Engine sample scenes - use as examples and as a reference for learning 😊 Now I can change the animations. THX

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