Customizing browser choice for Start Server/Play

Hey guys, it’d be great to have an how (and when) the browser opens up.

Right now you’re opening the URL on Start Server and Play. This then starts a new tab on the default browser.

I’d like options in the settings to

  • Define when the URL is auto-opened
  • Optionally specify how to start the browser process: So I can put my own e.g. path/to/browser.exe -withArgs {0} .

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When pressing play and a server already being started we don’t open the URL again - is that not what you’re seeing?
(if a page is already reachable/connected there’s no need to open it again)

We’re using Unity’s Application.OpenURL at the moment to launch the page, which means we can’t pass arguments to it - typically we saw that people want it to launch in whatever your default browser setup is. And that browser then handles if that’s a new process, or a new tab, or … depending on the browser.

Would you mind elaborating a bit on what kind of parameters you’d like to pass along?

You’re right in that it opens only when the server is starting up.
I think it’s a bit of a naming/expectations thing :slightly_smiling_face: “Start server” sounds like it starts the server process but not necessarily connect to it.

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But the main point is I want more control over what it does. Starting in the default browser is a good default, no doubt.
In my case though I use Firefox as my main browser for everything and use e.g. Chrome (or derivates) as my dev browser. This way, I can easily differentiate between my browsing area and my dev stuff.

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I see, so you’d basically want to have something similar to how External Tools config in Unity works (choosing from a set of targets)?

Just personally I use multiple chrome profiles to separate this, and OpenURL opens in the last focused one

I’m not sure if we’d want to change the current behaviour but what I can look into is adding a callback before the page is opened that you could hook into and do “custom stuff” (launch in a new browser process, qutting the previous process and re-launching, launch in five browsers, print the URL, …) and prevent default behaviour if wanted

As for what arguments I’d like to pass along – it just felt like an appropriate thing to do when opening up to different ways to start up :slightly_smiling_face: I do not yet have the use case for passing arguments.
On the top of my head I can think of some stuff like --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required for kiosk-like applications.

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A callback would work. But why not leave the default as is and add an opt-in to specify a custom command?

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That’s what I mean with callback. We wouldn’t want to build UI around something like this, it’s very project specific what you’d want to do

Yeah and user-specific, and also environment-specific. I sse. A callback sounds fine :wink:

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Latest version has ActionsBrowser.BeforeOpen that you can use to customize what happens. Let me know if that is sufficient for your cases!

works wonders, thanks!

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Great to hear - awesome!
Feel free to share a code snippet on the contributions page if you feel it would be useful to others :slightly_smiling_face:

ActionsBrowser disappeared :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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sorry, strike that. just VS’s cache.

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