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s there any component in Needles that allows me to have a curved button? If not, how can I create a basic structure to achieve one

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Needle Engine does not provide a built-in component specifically for a curved button. However, you can create a curved button using the existing UI components such as Canvas, Button, and custom Meshes.

Here’s a basic approach to creating a curved button structure:

  1. Create a custom mesh in the shape of a curved button using a modeling tool like Blender, and export it as glTF or GLB.
  2. Load the custom mesh into your Needle Engine project.
  3. Create a new Needle Engine component that extends Behaviour.
  4. In the start method, add an ObjectRaycaster component to enable pointer interactions.
  5. Implement IPointerEventHandler interface methods (onPointerEnter, onPointerClick, etc.) to handle pointer interactions.
  6. Use Button component to manage button states and interactions.
  7. Position the button on a Canvas if you want it to be part of the UI. Adjust the Canvas properties according to how you want the button rendered (see the documentation).

import { Behaviour, Button, ObjectRaycaster, Canvas } from “@needle-tools/engine”;
import { IPointerEventHandler, PointerEventData } from “@needle-tools/engine/types/Component_interfaces”;
import * as THREE from “three”;

export class CurvedButton extends Behaviour implements IPointerEventHandler {
private buttonMesh: THREE.Mesh; // Custom curved mesh

start() {
    this.buttonMesh = /* Load or create your custom curved mesh */;
    // Set up the Button component
    const button = this.gameObject.addComponent(Button);
    // Configure button properties like colors, transitions, etc.
    // Optionally, place the button within a Canvas
    const canvas = this.context.scene.getComponentInChildren(Canvas);
    // Ensure the button is a child of the Canvas in the scene hierarchy

onPointerEnter(eventData: PointerEventData): void {
    // Handle pointer enter event

onPointerClick(eventData: PointerEventData): void {
    // Handle click event

// Implement other required IPointerEventHandler interface methods...



Note: Replace the placeholder comments with actual implementation code, such as how to load your mesh and set up the button properties.

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Hey :wave: one very simple approach would be to use meshes with textures as the AI recommends.

What are you working on?