Codegen issues

Strange bug where my typescript components only generate components the first time, then I have to manually close the node component-compiler.js process window or it can’t find node on the next change.

Windows 11
Unity 2021.3.22f1
Needle 3.6.4
Node 18.16.0

Original Post on Discord

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Update: there is a “press any key to continue” prompt in the terminal window that is causing the hang up

by user 300386587278049291

Uh wow thats a first time i hear that :flushed: does that now happen for your consistently?

Which version of the compiler is currently installed? You can see it in the footer of the component compiler component

There shouldn’t open a window at all - do you perhaps have the debug mode enabled in the compiler (its a toggle in the component)? I think thats when it opens the terminal and stays open for debugging

So I did turn on Debug mode because it couldn’t find Node…now that I turned it off, everything seems to be working :man_shrugging:

by user 300386587278049291

Strange, thanks for following up
Would be great if you let us know if it happens again and/or you know how to reproduce it!

It was the debug mode :slightly_smiling_face: i think i added that there explictly to see the compiler output. Perhaps it shouldn’t be serialized in the component tho