Cloth simulation component?

Hi Needle Team,

I have seen all the improvements you have made to Needle. You are doing an amazing job, thanks again.

I wanted to take the opportunity to ask if you plan to incorporate a textile/cloth simulation into Needle in the future?

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Are you aware of the three.js sample for cloth sim (three.js examples)? It uses ammo, so won’t play nice with our physics directly, but might work for cloth-only apps. I don’t think Rapier (physics engine we’re using) has an integrated specific “Cloth” component, but the “Joints” demo here looks cloth-y:
Rapier3D JS bindings demo

We also support a bunch of joints already - not sure if that would be enough for you to make something closelike. The samples repository contains a small scene for that

Okay thanks !

by user 224464722878005248