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Greetings, is it possible to implement the wonderful example “Castle Builder” for aws amplify? We have tried to export the Glitch project and upload it to Github to implement it with amplify but it generates problem. This would give us more autonomy to test with better servers and take this project as a base for other example developments. Thanks!!!
*If any expert in this topic can help us it would be a great help for our project!

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Hey, can you tell more about what kind of problems you’re running into? Haven’t tried specifically with AWS Amplify, so curious what’s going wrong and where.

Hi @herbst🌵 !!
I have taken screenshots of the process we followed and how far we were left with the failure. Honestly we are not very experienced in server implementation, our forte is unity development. But we believe that if we have this example working with AWS we can move forward in developing other practical examples. Can you help us?

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I indicate that from screenshot number 3 we are inside the AWS administration panel in the Amplify area.

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Just for clarification - which of the following is true?

What you want to deploy on AWS is

  1. the full Needle backend stack so that you can re-deploy from Unity to there, and overwrite what’s currently online
  2. a production build of an app (such as Castle Builder) and the network stack
  3. only the network stack

My assumption is you want to do (2) - is that correct?
From what you’re describing you’re currently trying (1), which is more complex

Correct I am trying to perform 2) a production build of an application (such as Castle Builder) and the network stack. With this I intend to make modifications to the components from unity and have a github repository that is updated amplify when I compile the project.

Apart from having the network stack outside of, to see if it is possible to improve aspects such as connecting users.

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