Can't change the fill of an image through code


I created a script that is supposed to fill an image, and can’t avoid the error on the line “this.fillingImage!.fill = newFill;”

using Unity 2022.3.10f1.

Thanks ahead!


import { Behaviour, Mathf, serializable, Image } from "@needle-tools/engine"

export class FillableImage extends Behaviour {

    /** The image to fill */
    @serializable(Image) fillingImage?: Image;

    start(): void {
    private setFillAmount(newFill: number){
        this.fillingImage!.fill = newFill;

    setFill(fill: number, maxFill: number){
        let division = fill / maxFill;
        let fillAmount = 1 - division;
        fillAmount = Mathf.clamp(fillAmount, 0, 1);

Answer: Needle 7.1.5 does not support filling an image. Future versions may support it.

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Hi! we dont have support for this particular image type right now. Can you share a bit more what it does in Unity and how it differs from the “Simple” type? Sorry I’m not so familiar with this feature

fill = 1

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fill = 0.5

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fill = 0.33

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Maybe I used the wrong type? I am sorry for confusing.
I am trying to achieve the effect I sent as seperate pictures

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Ah i see! So yeah right now that’s not supported. I need to check if the library we’re using under the hood for rendering the UI is supporting it.

We’re using the 7.x version if you would want to take a look yourself

Yes I can’t find it.
Do you think it’s possible to mimic this behaviour in the existing code? Or should I just move on

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I am trying to recreate the existing system we have in our game as a POC, before we decide on using Needle in commercial usage (and get in the enterprise packages with your sales team…)

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I’ll take a look

Just updating the compiler here right now + improve codegen for editor code (if the namespace contains UnityEditor)

Thanks for the help marcel!
Now I just need this problem fixed and I am all out of questions (for now :wink: )

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