Can there be an option to build production dist and deploy to glitch from last export?

This is to work around the skybox export issue

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Yes there is actually. That being said the next update should fix the skybox issue too

You can use this option to build from last export

And then just deploy. As described here: Broken/distorted skybox on export Ā· Issue #59 Ā· needle-tools/needle-engine-support Ā· GitHub

I rolled up to the next update but that also seemed to change the callback I got from Drop Listener that seemed to return a different object - maybe it was a three.js scene instead of the object itself which broke some code so I rolled back

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Yes the callback now gives you the whole gltf (if you want to object again it is in scene)

I will test that newer version in another project it impacted where the Drop Listener callback wasnā€™t needed

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The skybox fix update is not yet released but will probaby today

The droplistener callback changed to give you access to all the data there is (so you can now get all the animations from the object and play them back if you want)

Ah okay, is there a quick way to grab the loaded object or should it be
args.detail.scene as GameObject ?

    private ObjectSpawned(args: event)
        if( != null)
            console.log("Destroyed last model");
        } = (args.detail as GameObject);

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exactly how you wrote it

args.detail.scene I will try then, that below chunk of code is what now falls over

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Previously detail was the scene and now its the whole gltf after loading

Perfect cheers

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