Blender Geometry nodes in Needle Engine?

I’m trying to buildup a workflow on my project. However, some of the assets in blender using Geometry nodes. How can I use geometry node assets with Needle Engine?

I tried Blender with Needle Engine but I cannot generate a needle project in blender (it’ makes blender stuck and slow so I disable the needle addon)

I prefer a workflow to convert Geometry Node in blender to Unity or Threejs accept format with needle engine. How can I achieve this?

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JeffreyChen, it seems that the Needle Engine does not explicitly mention support for Geometry Nodes from Blender. As for the workflow involving assets with Geometry Nodes, you can attempt the following method:

  1. Ensure that your Geometry Nodes setup in Blender is finalized and that the resulting geometry is as intended.
  2. Apply the Geometry Nodes modifier to convert the procedural setup into actual mesh data.
  3. Export the resulting mesh into a format that is compatible with Unity, such as FBX or Blender’s native .blend file.
  4. In Unity, you can then process the asset as usual and handle it with available Needle Engine exporter settings to convert it into a glTF or GLB file, which is directly supported by the Needle Engine (see the documentation).

Please note that due to the procedural nature of Blender’s Geometry Nodes, any geometry they generate will need to be baked into a static mesh before you can export it for use in Three.js or Unity. Once converted to glTF/GLB, these static meshes can be manipulated within Needle Engine using the AssetReference system to instantiate and manage them at runtime. Keep an eye on the recommended complexity for glTF assets to ensure good performance across devices.

For more on prefabs and assets, you can refer to the AssetReference section in the Scripting docs. If you encounter issues with Blender being slow when using the Needle add-on, consider exporting your assets without using the addon and then importing them into a Unity project where you can use the Needle Engine exporter.

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Hey there,
from Blender geometry nodes export is handled through regular glTF export.
I believe this is almost complete but haven’t tested it in a while (Experiment exporting Geometry Nodes Instances by julienduroure · Pull Request #1786 · KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO · GitHub); you may need to add a Realize Instances node in the geometry node graph before exporting.

Would you mind elaborating on this @JeffreyChen :

I tried Blender with Needle Engine but I cannot generate a needle project in blender (it’ makes blender stuck and slow so I disable the needle addon)

We’re not aware of slowdowns/freezes with the addon in general, so would be great to learn more on how this reproduces for you so we can fix it.

Sure. But I’m not familiar with blender. How can I get some debug info for needle blender add on

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You can look at the log here:

And there’s a bug reporter included as well for concrete issues:

Also just checked, seems you still need a “Realize Instances” node in Blender geo nodes, and then it can regularly be exported to glTF:

(and also directly with Needle Engine if you’re using the Blender Addon)

Don’t know if this help. It didn’t show any error but when I click the project path it’s slow and stuck.

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Hm, that’s strange. Is your project on a network drive or so?

No, it’s a local project. It slows down my macbook and difficult to disable the addon…

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I’m also on a Macbook here and don’t have that issue, very strange.
Would you mind checking Activity Monitor to see if there’s unusual CPU or disk activity while you have this slowdown?

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And the blender version is: 4.0.2

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This is during a slowdown? So not really anything suspicious?

Ah, one more question. How did you install node.js, through the regular installer or in some other way? One thing I can spot is that the format that node -v returns is different from what we’ve seen so far

I use nvm.

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