Autocomplete in TS

weird and maybe stupid question. Autocomplete was working fine for days and then randomly stopped working. Any ideas why?

My best guesses:

  1. i updated to latest Needle

What i tried

  1. deleting node_modules and letting it reinstall

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like it wont autocomplete because it cant find the module. But the module is there and the scripts do indeed work, despite the errors in IDE

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try running a clean install and reopen vs code

i deleted locally and repulled from repo - is that what you meant? no good

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If you hover over this button while holding alt

that’s what i mean by “clean install”

But yeah, this doesn’t sound correct :confused:

What Node version are you running?

i had the wrong version of Node. Fixed that and then did clean install how you said and it worked! thank you!

by user 352282921056468993

Lovely :+1: glad that you are back up to speed :stuck_out_tongue: