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Do our WebXR applications also run with the Apple Vision Pro? AR / VR?

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Matmat, WebXR applications designed using Needle Engine should work with most AR/VR devices that support the WebXR API. However, for the Apple Vision Pro specifically, Apple does not currently support WebXR on iOS devices, which would limit the AR capabilities. Needle Engine provides alternative solutions like “Everywhere Actions” to enable interactivity on iOS devices with some limitations compared to full WebXR support.

For VR experiences, directing users on iOS to WebXR-compatible browsers like Mozilla’s WebXR Viewer might be a viable option to experience VR content.

Additionally, Needle Engine supports exporting content on-the-fly as USDZ files, which can be displayed in AR on iOS devices. This can preserve interactivity for scenes composed with Everywhere Actions, which might be suitable for experiences like product configurators or narrative stories.

For more details on alternative approaches for AR on iOS, you can refer to the “Augmented Reality and WebXR on iOS” section of the documentation (see the documentation).

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Hey, they will work in immersive-vr and in QuickLook/USDZ. Apple has not yet rolled out support for immersive-ar applications in the browser.
We’re aware of an issue with hand tracking (Apple as so often violates Web specs, so selection events work differently) which we hope to resolve in an update shortly.

If Apple would actually follow the WebXR spec no update would have been necessary, which is very unfortunate.

I almost thought so. Thanks for the information and best regards, Matthias

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First release with input support for Apple Vision Pro just went out

Is Unity Pro still required to build for Vision Pro with Needle? Hoping not

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Nah absolutely not :grinning:
Technically no Unity Pro needed, no PolySpatial needed