Anyone know how to put an object between two objects?

Trying to place a cube halfway between a camera and the look target of the camera floating directly between them always distance based. Really struggling with this for some reason!

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means you have the two positions


wouldn’t the cube position be just (the distance of cam to target)/ 2?


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Three.js seemed to get upset when I tried to divide the vetcor3 by 2, I’ll try again tomorrow

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if that was not possible, just take each number separately

like this:
`let distance = camPos - targetPos;

let x = distance.x/2;
let y = distance.y/2;
let z = distance.z/2;


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It makes perfect sense and I did that yet the positions weren’t right, I’ll post back code and a gif tomorrow. Made sure to grab world position of the camera and camera target but I think something funky was going on under the hood with the Orbit Cam script from the Needle Samples

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You could also just lerp (myVector.lerp(myTargetVector, .5))

Note that this will change the value of myVector

you can also use lerpVectors three.js docs

I’ll ping back here when I give it another shot for sure, thanks!

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