Animation, better to do in Blender or Unity if will control some at runtime?

Animation. Set it up in Blender or Unity?

What’s the beat practice?

Some will be set it and forget it at design time. Others will be interacted with through Typescript.

Thanks all.

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Whatever works for your usecase / your team! We do both

E.g. if you have complex character rigs it’s often easier to set up animations in Blender
If you have UI animation or other things with a manageable amount if keyframes then just make it in Unity

Personally I love animating directly in Unity and try to use it for everything - but others are more comfortable setting things up in Blender.
One note: when you export from Blender we recommend gltf, always, because that roundtrips very well compared to older formats such as FBX.

Thanks @herbst🌵 !

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