VFX from Unity to Three.js

Ah yes then that’s how you got the files

Note that when you do it that way your team will not have them when they try to work in the project - unless you changed the git settings - because the prefab will not be exported by default.

If you want to export the Prefab as is then just put it next to the Scene GameObject and add an GltfObject component on the prefab. It will then be exported as VFXPipeline.glb

Okay. got it.

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Will try. thank you.

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After I done all this do I save to export it?

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It will be exported on save then yes.

where it is placed by default?

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Ah is this message an error? I mean: do you have nodejs installed?
It’s possible that it wont export when your project is not setup

Yea it was installed before I just opened this project on my new PC.

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I was exporting with everything installed befor ethis

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You might need to restart your PC if you just installed it to force Unity to refresh the environment variables (and to find nodejs)


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Ideally you get your web project setup in a way that you can just export the particle effect to your target three.js project

You can configure which folder it will be exported to then

and if I’m not setting the folder (I don’t actually know how) where it’s exported by default?

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It needs a web project right now to be exported automatically since the Unity package assumes that you have that setup. That’s why it also needs nodejs (to actually run any commands in the web project)

You can set it in the ExportInfo component once the warning goes away

It’ll look something like this then

Maybe it doesnt suit your use-case well yet - if that’s the case it’ll be great if you could describe again what you need and perhaps send me some project files so we can look into it :slightly_smiling_face:

For now I’m fine with all that you have thank you. I just need to understand how all this works.

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