Teleport support for Google Cardboard

Are there any plans to make Teleport work for Google Cardboard. Though its not common these days but we have a requirement to make users capable to teleport (Using Google Cardboard). In case no plans, will appreciate any guidance/help so that we can get it done on our own (And after making it work successfully, merge it back to main branch if required/accepted from Needle side. By the way, normal interactions (like drag/move/touch are working fine using Google Cardboard) #:art:-general

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by user 881054318076243968

I think that would mainly mean changing the teleport code to use “click” and not “thumbstick” as right now
If I remember correctly (it’s been a while that I saw Cardboard in action) the only action you have is “click”, right?

Yes click is the only action, any pointers where that chnage will be required, thanks

by user 881054318076243968