Spawning Player in Multiplayer Environment

Hm, and you are really sure, that you do not have the player inside the scene but “inside the Project tab” and that you’ve drag & dropped that prefab into the PlayerSync component?

This can be also tied to #deleted-channel

Like that something is unusual

This indeed could be the player sync unable to spawn the player or something.

Let’s first make sure that the player prefab is assigned correctly ^

I am referencing the player form project tab.

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ok :confused:

So this seems like an event that is triggered when a new player joins the session, possibly triggered for the local one as well.

So, is it that no players are visible in the room?

Are you on the latest engine version?

On the export info component

the player is mving but the camera is same for all the users, let me try nesting the camera

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nesting the camera doesn’t make it work how to have FPS view

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So it behaves correct now?

Do you still loose textures?

Are you on the most up to date version?

Btw, Felix made this video about your exact usecase:

The project is available here:
branch samples/custom-avatars

no i am not on most up to date version

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Which version are you using?

And consider updating

But it would be great, if you could tell us the version you are on, if the issue appears to someone else again

sure I am on 3.6.9,

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Ok, that’s quite recent.

Are you able to send me the project? You can strip out any sensitive content before hand.